These are some of the recipes I have used and enjoyed over the years. Most originate from my large collection of recipe books, others are from friends and family, thank you all.

IconBreads for both hand and machine baking. While hand baking can produce better results using a machine it is astonishingly simple.

IconSoups are extremely tasty and freeze well. In almost all circumstances a vegetable stock is used as a base for these soups.

IconDeserts can be simple to make yet taste astounding. All the high calorie ingredients help the it along.

IconSalads are not something I make often. More the pity because when well made they are a marvelous accompaniment.

IconMain courses, are my favourite both because they are savoury and because there is normally a lot of it.

IconCooking requires a few odds and ends of information that still haven't stuck with me. Here are a few notes to myself, and anyone else who is interested.

Icon OpenCola is a open source cola recipie. Anyone is free to use, copy, or modifiy it to their hearts content.