Permutation City

There is too little time in the world.

Permutation City holds a collection of works and ideas by Matthew Caryl. A book of the same name can be found in my recommended reading. This site contains work on artificial life, programming, roleplaying, and as always the links page. Most of this site was created during my last year at university.

IconBalance Programming is my blog on how to pick and choose between conflicting goals when developing software.

IconDark Red is a web comic created by a friend. I helped her out by designing the web site. Hope you enjoy it.

IconProjects is for information on my official work, either academic or professional, including my university honours projects.

IconArtificial life can simulate biology or create smart computer systems. Here is a brief explanation of the field and a number of my own Java demonstrations.

IconProgramming host a more general set of themes including basic data structures, collision detection, fractal mountains, and parallel computing.

IconBooks which I have read and enjoyed. Many are from the genre of science fiction and fantasy but others appear.

IconRecipes gathered from a number of sources. Some are as I found them, others have been altered to fit my own style of cooking.

IconRoleplaying information, rules, and background. Here is an image from Crossroads, a satellite photograph called the "Face on Mars".