Project Log

Week 1

We have decided to base the team structure on a data flow diagram. Richard will specialise in Image Processing. Ben will study the Levoy paper. Martin will specialise in the HIPS package. Matthew will specialise in HCI issues

Week 2

Matthew has been elected as the Project Leader. Ben will study the use of data flow models in Image Processing.

Week 3

We are considering whether to use C++ as the implementation language. We will all evaluate C++. Matthew has been evaluating Tcl and OpenLook and suggests that Tcl is useful. Martin is working through the large amount of HIPS material. Ben has been evaluating application packages: Adobe Photo shop, Adobe Premier. Richard has been using the AdOculus image processing package.

Week 4

We will develop a three stage prototype plan. In the first week we will formulate ideas for the prototype. In the second week we will implement a prototype. In the third week we will develop a more sophisticated prototype. We have decided to use Tcl and Tk.

Week 5

Martin has been assessing which features of HIPS will be useful. Matthew has been developing an initial interface design, looking at Tcl and X Windows Ben has been assisting Matthew with the interface design, looking at X Windows and familiarising himself with the field of image processing. Richard has been looking at Tcl/Tk. We have decided to use C++ as the implementation language. The initial interface design was discussed

Week 6

Matthew demonstrated a prototype implemented using HyperCard. Martin has begun working on an Image Library.

Week 7

Matthew demonstrated the modified prototype.

Week 8

Ben conducted a walk-through to demonstrate the refined interface specification.

Week 9

Martin has been working on the encapsulation of the HIPS libraries. Richard has been able to display images through Tcl but is having trouble with HIPS images. Matthew has written a formula grammar and programming guidelines. Matthew has written some scenarios and Ben has also written one.

Week 10

Matthew has been working on the HIPS specification. Ben has finished the interface specification and given it to Richard. Ben has been writing the requirements specification.

Week 11

Matthew has been working on program diagrams and has started object descriptions.

Week 12

Matthew explained his program diagrams to the team. We each took some object headers to type. We are all allocated objects to be implemented. Ben - compiler and program objects. Martin - Interpreter. Richard - Interface.

Week 13

Ben and Matthew have a meeting with Bill Findlay, to discuss interactivity and program diagrams. Matthew and Richard have a meeting with Chris Johnson to discuss UAN and transition networks

Week 14

Matthew has written the cache, notifier and grid objects. He has started to test these. Ben has written most of the Compiler. Martin has written most of the Interpreter. Richard is concentrating on trying to get HIPS images to display

Week 15

Matthew has been testing the objects he has written and has created a makefile. We will now have to concentrate on Examinations.

Week 18

All the implemented objects are brought together by Matthew. Matthew generally helps everyone else with problems. Ben is planning and coordinating documentation.

Week 19

Working on documentation. The authors of the Internal Model documented this Richard wrote about HCI issues and the External Model. Matthew wrote maintenance documents. Ben wrote much of main part of the report.