Genetic Algorithm Applications

Genetic algorithms have found application in an increasing number of fields as shown by this table taken from Goldbery (1989).


1967 - Rosenberg
Simulation of the evolution of single-celled organism populations
1970 - Weinberg
Outline of cell population simulation including metalevel GA
1984 - Perry
Investigation of niche theory and specialisation with GAs
1985 - Grosso
Simulation of diploid GA with explicit sub-populations and migration
1987 - Sannier and Goodman
GA adapts structures responding to spatial and temporal food availability

Computing Science

1967 - Bagley
Parameter search in hexapawn-like game evaluation function via GA
1979 - Raghavan and Birchard
GA-based clustering algorithm
1982 - Gerardy
Probabilistic automaton identification attempts via GA
1984 - Gordon
Adaptive document description sing GA
1985 - Rendel
GA search for game evaluation function
1987 - Raghaven and Agarwal
Adaptive document clustering using GA

Engineering and Operations Research

1981 - Goldberg
Mass-spring-dashpot system identification with simple GA
1982 - Etter, Hicks, and Cho
Recursive adaptive filter design using a simple GA
1983 - Goldbery
Stead-state and transient optimisation of gas pipeline using GA
1985 - Davis
Bin-packing and graph-colouring problem via GA
1985 - Davis
Outline of job shop scheduling procedure via GA
1985 - Davis and Smith
VLSI circuit layout via GA
1985 - Fourman
VLSI layout compaction with GA
1985 - Goldberg and Kuo
On-off, steady-state optimisation of oil pump-pipeline system with GA
1986 - Glover
Keyboard configuration design using a GA
1986 - Goldbery and Samtani
Structural optimisation (plane truss) via GA
1986 - Goldbery and Smith
Blind knapsack problem with simple GA
1986 - Minga
Aircraft landing strut weight optimisation with GA
1987 - David and Coombs
Communications network link size optimisation using GA plus advanced operators
1987 - David and Ritter
Classroom scheduling via simulated annealing with metalevel GA

Genetic Algorithms

1962 - Holland
Outline for adaptive system with programs roving cellular computer
1968 - Holland
Development of theory of schemata
1971 - Hollstien
2-D function optimisation with mating and selection rules
1972 - Bosowirth, Foo, and Zeigler
GA-like operators on real genes with sophisticated mutation
1973 - Frantz
Investigation of positional nonlinearity and inversion
1973 - Holland
Optimal allocation of trials in a GA and the two-armed bandit problem
1973 - Martin
Theoretical sturdy of GA-like probabilistic algorithms
1975 - De Jong
Baseline parametric study of simple GA in five-function test bed
1975 - Holland
Publication of ANAS
1977 - Mercer
GA controlled by metalevel GA
1981 - Bethke
Application of Walsh function to schema average analysis
1983 - Brindle
Investigation of selection and dominance in GAs
1983 - Pettit and Swigger
Cursory investigation of GAs in nonstationary search problems
1983 - Wetzel
Travelling salesman problem (TSP) via GA
1984 - Mauldin
Study of several heuristics to maintain diversity in simple GA
1985 - Baker
Trial of ranking selection procedure on De Jong test bed
1985 - Booker
Suggestion for partial match scores, sharing and mating restrictions
1985 - Goldberg and Lingle
TSP using partially matched crossover (PMX) and o-schema analysis
1985 - Grefenstette and Fitzpatrick
Test of simple genetic algorithm with noisy functions
1985 - Schaffer
Multi objective optimisation using GAs with sub-populations
1986 - Goldberg
Maximise marginal schema content for optimal population size estimate
1986 - Grefenstette
GA controlled by metalevel GA
1987 - Baker
Reduction of stochastic errors in selection procedures
1987 - Bridges and Goldberg
Extended analysis of reproduction and crossover in l-bit GAs
1987 - Goldberg
The minimal deceptive problem (MDP) under reproduction and crossover
1987 - Goldberg and Richardson
Niche and species induction using sharing functions
1987 - Goldberg and Segrest
Finite Markov chain analysis of reproduction and mutation
1987 - Goldberg and Smith
Nonstationary function optimisation using diploid GAs
1987 - Oliver, Smith, and Holland
Simulation and analysis of permutation recombination operators
1987 - Schaffer
Analysis of selection procedure effects on schema sampling
1987 - Schaffer and Morishima
String-encoded adaptive crossover trial
1987 - Whitely
Application of progeny testing to GA selection

Hybrid Techniques

1985 - Ackley
Connectionist algorithm with GA-like properties claimed
1985 - Brady
Travelling salesman problem via genetic-like operators
1985 - Grefenstette et al.
TSP via knowledge-augmented genetic operators
1987 - Dolan and Dyer
Proposal to use GA to learn connectionist network topology
1987 - Grefenstette
Using non-payoff, problem-specific information in genetic search
1987 - Liepins, Hilliard, Palmer, and Morrow
Comparison of blind and greedy operators on combinatorial problems
1987 - Shaefer
Globally modified adaptive representation technique (ARGOT)
1987 - Sirag and Weisser
Simulated annealing-like control of genetic operator frequency in the TSP
1987 - Suh and Van Gucht
Knowledge-based genetic operators in the TSP

Image processing and Pattern Recognition

1970 - Cavicchio
Selection of detectors for binary pattern recognition
1984 - Fitzpatrick, Grenfenstette, and Van Gucht
Image registration via GA to minimise image differences
1985 - Englander
Selection of detectors for known image classification
1985 - Gillies
Search for image feature detectors via GA
1987 - Stadnyk
Explicit pattern class recognition using partial matching

Parallel GA Implementations

1976 - Bethke
Brief theoretical investigation of possible parallel GA implementations
1981 - Grfenstette
Brief theoretical investigation of several parallel GA implementations
1987 - Cohoon, Gegde, Martin, and Richards
Simulated parallel implementation of optimal linear arrangement
1987 - Jog and Van Gucht
Combined knowledge-based and parallelized GA
1987 - Pettey, Leuze, and Grefenstette
Parallel GA implementation on Intel hardware using De Jong test bed
1987 - Suh and Van Gucht
Localised selection in parallel GA search on the TSP
1987 - Tanese
Parallel GA implemented on 64-NCUBE processor

Physical Sciences

1985 - Shaefer
Nonlinear equation solving with GA for fitting potential surfaces

Social Sciences

1979 - Reynolds
GA-like adaption in model of prehistoric hunter-gatherer behaviour
1981 - Smith and De Jong
Calibration of population migration model using GA search
1985 - Axelrod
Simulation of the evolution of behavioural norms with GA
1985 - Axelrod
Iterated prisoner's dilemma problem solution using GA